message from a father

Hyper-Drawing on Paper (192.1cm x 62.3cm) -  watercolour pencil, marker pens, graphite pencil, acrylic paint, golden foil, chewing gum 

close up of the drain
preliminary sketch
lines before the colouring happened
a blocked shaped  university
Drain Pipe side profile
the drawing is growing

I wanted to express realities of the One Child Policy. In particular, this drawing or ‘hyper-collage’ tactfully displays the stories of only-children and the underlying effects of the family planning era of the 1980s in China. Through using the words from this book I made Photoshopped imagery, and then abstracted this even further through the art of drawing.

The drawing itself is entirely vague. It tells the audience nothing about China, or even hints to China. I did not realise this when drawing the piece, but there was an almost instinctual feeling to make this very distant to the audience, as it portrays merely shapes, colour and texture. I now see that the almost two metre by half a metre piece of paper is a puzzle to be solved by the viewer.

The notion of spending laborious hours on this drawing gave me a sense of purpose for the first time in the studio. 

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